LBW 2017 in Südtirol

Information about the upcoming LinuxBierWanderung in St. Martin in Passeier, South Tyrol, Italy

The Village

St. Martin in Passeier (San Martino in Passiria) is located in South Tyrol (Südtirol) in the Alps of northern Italy, not far from the border with Austria. It is the main village of a municipality of the same name and lies in the Passeier valley about 20 km north of Meran at an elevation of roughly 600 m. It is flanked on two sides by the fairly steep slopes of the Texel Group and the Sarntal Alps.

The whole municipality (i.e. St. Martin proper and Saltaus (Saltusio), Quellenhof (Sorgente), Ried (Novale), Kalmtal (Valclava), Christl (Cresta), Flon (Vallone), and Matatz (Montaccio)), has a population of about three thousand, the vast majority of which speak German as their native language (or rather their local German dialect). Virtually everybody also speaks Italian and some command of English is also present, at least with those working in the tourist industry (which plays a big role everywhere in South Tyrol).

With its quaint mix of modern and historic architectural styles, St. Martin is maybe not the prettiest village in whole South Tyrol, but it has just the right size for an LBW, plenty of accomodation, shops and other facilities, and, most importantly, has among its hotels and restaurants one with a small brewery, which makes an excellent Helles and Weiss Beer. And the stunning surroundings make up for, what some may call, lack in picturesque-ness of the village itself.

The village has not only one hall, but two to choose from, the new, modern "Dorfhaus" bang in the centre and the "Vereinssaal", located directly under the mayor's office and communal administration.

Three kilometers up the road and the valley, lies St. Leonhard in Passeier, which is a tad bigger and more touristy, which is why I think it is not as well suited for an LBW as St. Martin but near enough to go there for lunch or even pick a Pub Of The Day there once. St. Leonhard also has camp site mainly for caravans, but with a small lawn for tents as well.